The main purpose of The Crowd is to provide a forum in which you can share good and innovative practice and network across the community. We are stronger together!

The Crowd:

  1. is not corporate, it is led by you
  2. are a collaborative group of like-minded people who care about young people amd who want to engage in helping others
  3. are a self-improving network of professionals that develop excellence within education
  4. are a collection of people who are willing to give; sharing their exceptional practice for the benefit of others whilst having access to the knowledge of others
  5. value the unique nature of each school
  6. is not bound by geography

Who can join?

The Crowd is not mutually exclusive, we don’t mind if you are a member of multiple alliances and we don’t ask for a contractural commitment. We do not charge a membership fee.

Benefits to you

  • Free access to a forum for you to share innovative ideas, research, seek advice
  • Opportunity to network with other like minded education professionals
  • Access to quality CPD
  • School to School support
  • Training opportunities including pop up conferences
  • Lateral development by helping others and challenging yourself
  • Teaching Assistant programmes
  • Be part of a system wide improvement that creates a better future for all


For more details, or to express your interest, please email us: