Following the successful strategic school improvement fund bid by the Beach TSA and Taunton TTA, we are proud to have worked with 35 primary and secondary schools on this project. 

This project was developed as part of a TSC SW process, working with the RSC team and met one of the key South West themes to enable strategic school improvement. Developing whole school strategies to improve the outcomes of the most disadvantaged pupils was and still is a priority in our region. 

Our success came from the highly successful & nationally recognised work of Bournville Primary in understanding the challenge of rural & coastal deprivation & the actions that diminish the differences in progress & ultimately attainment between Pupil Premium children & that of their non-PP peers. 

It took a proven strategic & holistic approach to understand the lives of disadvantaged children, including those eligible for pupil premium helping schools to really understand the community that they serve & its needs.  

The TSA carefully selected providers who complimented the values of Bournville & the Beach TSA & who provided schools with a tailored approach from a menu of support that best met their needs.   

Designated school leaders were supported and enabled to advocate for their disadvantaged children by fully understanding the issue, self-evaluating, driving improvements, co-ordinating provision, monitoring, evaluating & reporting improvements.   

Through collaboration, CPD & coaching, practitioners at every level were trained to provide quality first teaching and proven intervention. The aim for schools was to provide a strong pastoral provision & a relentless focus on high parental engagement. 

Quality analysis informed the approach to each setting & the legacy plan supports the continuation of best practice beyond the timescale of this programme.  

The project set out to build strong leadership capacity & succession planning; a highly skilled workforce with true pedagogical understanding; children who are independent, lifelong learners. The data shows that schools who engaged fully with this, now have diminishing differences in the attainment gap which research shows is an important step in improving the life chances of disadvantaged children. 

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