Teaching Punctuation and Grammar


13 November 2020



Grammar, vocabulary and punctuation form an important part of a writer’s toolkit. It is through the confident manipulation of these that children can shape their writing to communicate for a chosen purpose and audience. Research shows that teaching grammar, vocabulary and punctuation in context, by exploring its impact on the reader, helps children to improve their writing. The same research shows that teacher subject knowledge impacts significantly on the effectiveness of teaching in this way. Delivered by Penny Boardman

Participants will:

  • develop their own subject knowledge of grammar and punctuation and explore some common misconceptions;
  • see grammar as possibilities not rules and reflect on how grammar and punctuation can be varied to create an effect which is appropriate to audience, purpose and form;
  • consider ways in which the application of grammar can be used to support learning in other subject areas


Venue: The BEACH, Bournville Primary school                    Time: 1.00pm-3.30pm