Philippa Densley

Philippa Densley


Philippa is a PD accredited lead for NCETM, a Teaching to Mastery Specialist primary Maths Teacher, MaST qualified, Primary Lead for Teaching to Mastery with the Boolean Hub and works as a class teacher at Worle Village Primary School.

She has worked with The Learning Exchange in writing and presenting various courses including, bar modelling, fluency in the fundamentals, developing a sense of number and various other materials. She has also assisted with the North and South Maths networks. Philippa has also successfully supported schools in her role with the Learning Exchange to raise attainment. Currently she supports 12 schools in developing teaching to mastery as part of her role with the Boolean Hub through Teacher Research Work Groups and supports recently trained Teaching to Mastery Specialist Maths Teachers. In November of 2016 Philippa took part in the Shanghai Teacher Exchange and spent two weeks observing and teaching mathematics in Shanghai.

Philippa is trained in Edgehill University’s interventions of Success@arithmetic and Success@numbersense and is the support teacher at her school for 1stclass@number1 and 1stclass@number2 interventions. Philippa is in the final part of her Masters with Edgehill University in Teaching Primary Mathematics where her research area is in conceptual understanding of the links with addition and multiplication to reduce cognitive load and increase fluency.

Prior to her current mathematics specialism, Philippa has held the position of Assistant Head and has been trained in coaching and mentoring. She has led the development of mathematics at Worle Village Primary School where teaching to mastery is a focus following in depth training of staff in subject knowledge, use of manipulatives, elicitation of misconceptions and fluency in the fundamentals.