Middle Leaders

Developing Middle Leaders Programme

Effective Middle leadership is a key Ofsted inspection line of enquiry

This training is designed to build and deepen understanding of the Middle Leadership role in order to enable you to drive  and ensure the best outcomes for children.

Course designed to:

  • build and deepen understanding of the role
  • look at method and build confidence
  • enable middle leaders to drive outcomes for children
  • ensure you have full confidence in the effectiveness of the team.

Areas covered in the training will include:

  • Skills and knowledge assessment
  • Ofsted expectation and what that looks like
  • Ensuring quality teaching and learning
  • Leadership and management
  • Recording and recalling
  • Being strategic
  • Meeting experienced middle managers to network and share practice
  • Workload management
  • Reflection and challenge.
  • See Full overview below.

Who is this course for?

  • Phase / Key Stage / Curriculum Leaders, Intervention & Pastoral Leaders, Heads of Department
  • Aspiring Middle School leaders looking beyond subject leadership.

Who will facilitate this course?

  • Outstanding current Senior and Middle leaders with proven track records of success at this level of leadership.

Duration of course:

  • 1 day initial training
  • 1 day follow up two terms later

Cost per delegate: £100 to Alliance Members £130 to Non-Alliance Members

The course is designed to build and deepen understanding of the role, look at method and build confidence. You will be encouraged/positively driven to work together to extend your skills and challenge what you can do. The aim is to enable middle leaders so they can drive outcomes for children and be confident that their school is doing the right thing and their team/area is effective and has impact.

Areas covered:

  1. Skill and knowledge self assessment
  2. Ofsted expectation and the craft of inspection day presentation as this is a key area of the new section 5 inspections
  3. Recording and recalling
  4. Learning: what does it look like in your setting? What do you know and how do you use it? Ensuring quality teaching and learning
    • Observing teaching to inform knowledge
    • Planning, how do you support and use it?
    • Progress – evidence and citing-
    • Data – understanding, interpretation, interrogation and using
    • The voices of the people
    • Continuity
    • Sharing effective practice
    • Pupil Performance Management
    • Does the process support the product?
    • What is impact, what does it look like ?
  5. Leadership & Management
  • What is leadership at middle level?
  • How do you lead?
  • Accountability vs accountable
  • Vision
  • Taking people with you
  • Delegation
  • The Team
  • Trust- our friend that lets us let go
  • Performance Management
  • PPM
  • Forcing the issue
  • Knowing your place

Booking deadline: Friday 24 February 2017

Day 1: 3 March 2017

Day 2: 23 June 2017 

6. Being strategic

  • The big picture
  • SDP your role
  • Monitoring and review
  • Sharing effective practice
  • You and the SMT.

7.Meeting experienced middle managers to network and share practice

  • 1:1 discussions
  • Observing what they do
  • Learning from each other

8. Workload management

  • Work life balance
  • Planning for success not stress
  • Systems of work or systems that work?
  • Sharing effective strategies

8. Reflection and Challenge

  • What does it look like, where’s your evidence?
  • How do you Know?
  • Planning to meet challenge scenario
  • What would you do if you were in the SMT?
  • Next steps and review
  • Assessment of skills and progress path!